To say I’m a grown man would be kind of lying. I’m older than dirt, as they say in Alabama. I’m well read, passably educated, love books, travel, animals, flowers, mountains, forests, deserts, brooks and rivers, bays and oceans, beaches, crashing waves and salt air, history, good vibes, mysteries, detective stores, thrillers, love stories (and movies), Bobby Dylan and Dylan Thomas, and life. Life is indeed good. Life is precious. Did I mention cooking? Love to cook.

Wish I could say something more encouraging to you the reader. I do hope you will find something you like and if you do will tell me about it and like a grateful puppy I’ll try to please you and do it again.

I’ve got a lot of interests and consequently opinions, but I know they are simply my opinions and you might not agree. I’m not sure I am always right, but I am sure that you aren’t always right either. Somewhere in the middle we’ll meet and somewhere in the middle the right will be found. In the meantime enjoy yourself. Laugh a little and don’t ever be afraid to cry.


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