I read many blogs, actually a whole lot of blogs. Whenever I find a blog that piques my interest I always look to see the blogs they’re reading and check them out. My cup runneth over with blogs.

Because I read so many I’ve become more selective. Some I read the first week of the month, others the next week and still others the week after. Some, of course, several times a week, there are bloggers that prolific. I will eventually get to where I have too many blogs to read and when I reach that point I’ll become even more selective and pare them down. Need I say I like to read blogs?

The question is why? What is it that draws me to reading what others are saying and doing?

Nosy. That’s what my mother always said when she found me curled up with a book. “You read all the time. You’re just too nosy.” She was right, I was. And still am.

She passed away sometime ago, but I remember her as my enabler. I can’t ever remember being without books when I was young and unable to buy them myself. She provided. I read all of them regardless of subject or theme.

The point is, I am nosy. I want to learn what other people are doing with their lives. It’s vicarious thrill-seeking. Some bloggers I read are living in campers and vans and they live it fulltime. Others are circumventing the world on motorcycles and bicycles and one guy is walking it. A family with smallish kids are riding bicycles all over this creation. It’s exciting.

Others are on different quests with their own observations on life in the big cities while others tell me about their lives on their farm in the country. Some raise exotic animals and some not so exotic but just as interesting. I love photos of baby animals, just born and full of life. Shame on us for eating them.

There are others who are on distant lands preaching their gospels and others who are just trying to help others and finding that in giving of themselves they reap huge rewards. I envy them.

Others blog about their trials and others their successes. Then there are the blogs about hobbies, writing, traveling, cooking and on and on. I’m nosy.

All this begs another question. Why am I blogging? Well, why not? How else are you going to learn about a “wild and crazy guy” like me? (kudos to SNL)

Now here’s a tip. If you like good writing, I mean the kind of writing that causes you to hang on every word and makes you cry when you finish reading it—not in sadness, although there’s that too—but having read something so powerfully written and poignant that you shout out with the pure joy of it, then read Christina Nealson’s book, Drive Me Wild. You’ll love it.

I found myself going back over her paragraphs again and again just for that breathtaking thrill of reading really strong and descriptive writing. What a talent. Check out her website too,

As they say in Alabama, “‘Nuff said.”



  1. So, why did you apparently quit? Judging by your two posts, I like the way your write. Would like to see more. But, oh!, I do know that need for paring down the list of blogs being followed now and again. There’s just too darned many interesting ones out there!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I grew up in Louisiana, the daughter of a former football coach from Mississippi, so I totally get this post. My dad was told as child, “No matter where you go in your life, and no matter what you become – never forget – NOTHING is more important than the SEC.” 🙂 I bought Drive Me Wild this morning based on your recommendation – I haven’t heard of it before but I look forward to reading it. You’re quite the writer yourself – hoping to see some more posts from you in the future!

  3. I love that your so nosy! It shows you care about people, and their lives.
    Thanks for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer. Cheers, Alison

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